God Is Moving In Politics – Part 2


God Is Moving In Politics - Part 2

by Reeni Mederos

Prophetic Thoughts to Ponder 1/30/16

It's really sad to see Christians condemning other Christians with such hatefulness about who they think you should be voting for as the next president of the United States. Each one of us has a right to vote and make our own decisions and I am grateful for that privilege and I thank God for the many lives that fought, died and continue to fight for that freedom. I can understand if the world participates in such hatefulness towards each other in the whole political process but I thought the Bible instructs us as Christians to love one another in spite of our differences and heated passions. Lately I have seen some very disappointing judgments coming from the body of Christ and sadly, it is the unbelievers that seem to be united together more than the believers when it comes to American politics. Why are Christians so divided when we are the most powerful force on earth that can make great change?
I get disgusted at the level of hypocrisy that is displayed in the name of Christ every time I see or hear a comment, not so much about the election, but about the spirit in which those comments are made. I believe it is possible to have good discussions and conversations without making condemning remarks and judgements that are really very dangerous for Christians to do. Hasn't Jesus taught us that with the measure we judge another will be the measure judgment comes back to us (Matthew 7:1-2)? Is there no fear of God in this? And could the reason be why so many Christians experience calamities in their lives, is the direct result of their own returning judgments? It's like a boomerang effect of their own words. Believe me, I have learned the hard way in this arena.
Although I still need perfecting in this area myself, I continue to learn that the accuser of the brethren sits mostly among our own brothers and sisters in Christ. Should I be surprised? Not really. I am thankful that the blood of Jesus speaks to every accusation against my life as I submit myself to daily prayer, confession and repentance that disables and disarms those accusations hurled at me. No wonder Jesus got so disgusted with the Pharisees of His day because of the sin of self-righteousness through the pointing of fingers and condemning those who they thought weren't as righteous as they were. What a pity.
It is sad that we can't at least love one another even if we disagree in our political assessments. It is sad that most people choose to stay silent to share their genuine insights and perspectives for fear that they will be criticized. Well that is going to change. I feel sorry for those who operate in such immaturity and disdain trying to hold other people hostage to this freedom because of the lack of wisdom and true freedom in their own lives. This is the very thing Jesus condemned among His own people. I guess for me it helps me to look at myself in areas I need improvement and yet at the same time it reveals to me people's true colors.
I will always try to defend and speak up for truth but truth can't be truth if it's mixed with hatefulness and a looking down upon. I want to know your differences and your unique perspectives as I may be able to learn something new from you just as you may be able to learn something new from me or we can simply agree to disagree. Maybe the reason why people say not to mix religion and politics is because it seems like the going back and forth of the sneering and looking down upon one another is what turns people off the most and produces no gain. It's too bad we can't have a good solid conversation about something so important as to the future of our nation.
I want to know what other Christians are feeling from the Lord concerning our nation and concerning the candidates we have to choose from to lead this nation. I believe God can use us individually and as a corporate unit just as iron sharpens iron to make the best informed decision. But many times the spirit in which people say things is so distasteful that no wonder Jesus said in Mark 7:20 “It is what comes from inside that defiles you" and is what releases the most poison that we can't even talk about it without religious javelins flying in the air of social media, namely Facebook.
If Christians can't talk about politics within the Church to share each other's insights on their own without being disrespectful toward one another then how are we any different than the world and how can we even begin to be in unity for miracles to occur? We don't have to agree on everything but at least we can try to pray for one another and pray to God in unity for Gods will to be accomplished in our nation and on this earth. I also understand that some people are just not going to resonate with each other and no matter how hard you try to stay unified, it just isn't going to work with them. At least you tried. To that end, we can at least love each other for the sake of Christ even if we find that we must go our separate ways.
Last but not least, I appreciate those of you who have been respectful and loving in your comments even in differences of political insight who still choose the way of love. It is also sad that sometimes we have to face eliminating people in our lives and deleting friends from social media that continue to choose to be poisonous with the words of their mouth. I hope I never have to delete any of my friends for this reason but I have and will. Let us be the example of speaking the truth in love so that if someone is in error (including me), they can receive the truth you have to give without all the self-righteous and condemning remarks that come along with a heart that is defiled with the divination of religiosity and brings only death.
I end with these beautiful scriptures that says it all. I know we all need a little work. I hope you have been inspired, challenged, corrected, encouraged and motivated to love more than ever before, to share your insights without fear and to be a voice for God whenever you can.
Ephesians 4:2-4 Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future.
2 Corinthians 3:6 He has qualified us making us sufficient as ministers of a new covenant of salvation through Christ, not of the letter of a written code but of the Spirit; for the letter of the Law kills by revealing sin and demanding obedience, but the Spirit gives life.
Much love to all!
Prophet Reeni Mederos
Warriors International, Inc.