Prayer Calls




with Prophet Reeni Mederos

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

@ 8:00pm EST (GMT-5 or UTC-5)

(7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific)

Call (712) 432-0075

Access Code: 678625#

Skype ID "freeconferencing.0075"

Reminder:  Press *6 to Mute and *6 to Unmute and if using a cell phone, do not use speaker phones for this call to avoid feedback, echo and distractions.


Dear Warrior Friends in Christ,

Join us tonight @ 8pm EST for an hour of power packed intercession as we come together to pray, pray, pray with one mind and one heart for the unleashing of God's will on the earth!  One thing is for sure, GOD'S WORD NEVER FADES AWAY and we will proclaim the heart of God through spirit lead prophetic prayers with fervency and determination. Don't miss it!

Join in tonight for an hour of fresh and intense prophetic intercession & warfare prayers and as we gear up for our upcoming, "Legistlating from the Courts of Heaven" 3 Day Training Weekend.  We invite ALL intercessors (male or female) to join us tonight to pray, pray, pray!

When you join the call, be ready to share a prophetic prayer, a prophetic declaration or a scripture for tonight's call as the spirit of God leads! We invite everyone to participate who has a heart to pray and who just want to be around other warriors of God who love God!  If that's you, then join us tonight at 8pm EST. 

God instructed us years ago to "pave the way through intercession" for any breakthrough endeavor and we have done so with extremely powerful results.  The Bible says in James 5:16, "Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." Confession and Prayer are so important in the life of a Christian because it has the power to cleanse and to move mountains and dispel demonic powers in the spirit realm for those who not only know how to pray but who also have the authority to move heaven and earth in the name of Jesus.

Every time we gather together for prayer, we see miraculous results.  We are basically making room for the Holy Spirit to move by yielding our entire beings to Him in purity and in Spirit and in Truth so that He can do His work through us on the earth.  Now is the time to come together to "pave the way through intercession" as a corporate unit along with personal prayer and fasting to open the heavens and watch God move.

Regardless if you are attending the conference or not, we invite ALL OF YOU to attend the  "live" prayer call tonight @ 8pm EST.  We encourage intercessors that wish to engage in corporate prayer with us, to pray throughout the day with fastings if you can, and feel free to share a scripture, a prophetic prayer or prophetic declaration.  We do ask that no personal prophecies be given.  This is a time of corporate encouragement and uplifting to pray for my family and my ministry team, our guest speakers, our musicians and for the registrants that will attend this event.  I know it is a sacrifice, but one that will be rewarded by God for sure!  We can never out give God!

We are praying for massive breakthrough and empowerment during this time and we know that agreement in prayer is a deadly force against the kingdom of darkness and we know God honors faith and He wants His people FREE to be who they were called to be!

We are looking for intercessors of all kinds that know how to come together in agreement for prayer this week.  We are looking for prayer warriors that will commit to one hour of prayer once a day, several times a day, every other day, etc., however God leads you to join with us, we want you there.  Be encouraged by linking up with other WARRIOR INTERCESSORS just like yourself who just have a heart to serve in intercession or just want to listen in to be in prayer agreement!

Don't Miss Tonight's Call! 

Prophet Reeni & Apostle Rob Mederos


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WE RECOMMEND SKYPE: Conference calls are free of charge to participate.  Regular long distance charges from your own telephone carrier may apply.  To avoid these charges, check with your cell phone or home telephone company to see if you have a free long distance calling plan or can obtain one.  Most cell phone company's offer free long distance during certain hours or with certain calling plans. Another solution is to register for a free Skype account and connect to the conference call through adding "freeconferencing.0075" to your Skype address book.  Then you can dial into the conference call right from your computer using a microphone headset.