Prophetic Word 2016: A Year of the Head Council by Prophet Reeni Mederos

reenicurlspic2016 is a year of the head council. We are going higher with the fire and as we worship, God will fight our battles. We can rest in His presence and enjoy the wonders of His person in childlike faith as our enemies are being crushed under our feet through the high praises of God, wielding His sword as Gods peace descends and His joy erupts from within. Family members will come running to the cross and the spirit and stronghold of heaviness will flee generational bloodlines. New mantles are being released as we go higher in the council and conversation and strategy of the Godhead. Secrets and mysteries are being revealed to the God-seekers and worshipers who lay down their lives in daily prayer, wanting nothing but God. God is ready to fill those who have been emptied out, emptied of sin, emptied of self. Old ways of warfare will not work in this new realm. God will be plentiful in releasing revelation to those who take the time to wait for it. Beware of distractions in the the form of the cares of this life that would rob precious time being spent with the Lord every day. Discipline your schedule.

Stay in a lifestyle of repentance and watch God birth miracles beyond your imagination through the simplicity of drinking from the fountain of Gods love. As we pray, angels are ready to execute the written order of the Lord as the aroma of a sacrificed life that reaches the pleasure of Gods heart. A year to satisfy the soul of God in crying out, "Abba Father, we adore you!" Giving no place to the devil and having no mercy on the works of darkness. Being ready to get out of the way so God can rise up as a mighty Man of War inside of you and allowing Him His rightful place in our lives. Fearing the Lord above all fears and staying attentive and watchful at all times. Don't miss your miracle through complacency and through the sin of lack of prayer. Stay close to the Lord at all times praying with all diligence and fervor in the Holy Ghost. Letting your prayer language fill the earth with the mysteries of God and filling heaven with perfect prayers of the heart, released by the Holy Spirit as only He can do. God is calling, pleading and putting a demand on the anointing within, cashing in on His investment as the days are evil and the fury of the enemy has increased because his time is short on the earth and the reapers are ready to harvest. Demand and take back what is yours. Do not give up! You are at the threshold. Cross over. Determine to live in the new dimension of Gods release and DO NOT let it go.

Watch and pray. ~ Prophet Reeni Mederos

.....more to come....